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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Prospective Path of Peace life

Where we live in this planet is not important but how we live with our culture and other peoples is most important thing in our life. We go everywhere in this planet, one thing is same everywhere that don’t hurt anyone. If any person hurt someone then he feels not good and suffers inside every minute. Some peoples are not feeling bad when they hurt someone this means that they have no feelings? But I want to say here… Every person has feelings that’s other thing either it’s good or bad but they feel. Something gets wrong in their life and they become very hard. Human being become sharp and good from their critics so don’t underestimate any person who stays always down to earth, speak less than others and they wants peace inside , happy moments in their life and around them. This is only the base to understand any human being. Whenever we learn to understand peoples and to leave some things then we automatically learn to live our life peacefully.  


Stop Violence :  Don’t argue with others and don’t be jealous of others. Violence is the dangerous thing and it is harmful for mind. There are two types of peoples in the world; one who keep the anger inside them and another who expose their anger outside. When any person keeps the anger inside, he is jealous of others or someone. The person blast his anger outside, it becomes violence for others. The peoples who have anger inside or outside but it is so painful for only and only them. So I request to live peaceful with different colorsof life and keep your invisible mind in present because when our mind is worked in past then we can’t think our future and blame ourselves for mistakes and also suffers painfully inside. Be honest inside and be good person. 


Stop Buttering others and Complaining of others:  Just live your way with your beautiful thoughts and make this planet beautiful. When you do some mistake and forget that without any type of forgiveness then you do that second mistake because forgiveness is only the path after you did any mistake. You have to be introspective about your career, goals, family, love and also about your money. 


 Know about your strength. What are your complements from others on which thing? So analyze about your power in your best work ever. Know about your weaknesses and try to remove from your life and improve your thoughts on excellent way. This is one type of mind’s auto-suggestion which is explained in my other article.  So be good and peaceful, help other peoples, analyzing ourselves, eliminate your mistakes , forgive others , enjoy life and at last do the following virtues in your life and make stunning life.  Be Happy…. Live Happy…. Keep Smiling….

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Change Your World

Everything which happens around you and things which happens during your whole day; that is only the reflection of your thought. You should observe yourself what you think and how you think about. Then you get result of your thinking and you exactly know that which kind of thought is making your life and atmospheric behavior around you. 

I know it is not easy to observe yourself at every moments and everyday but you can start it. Let see… what are you thinking right now? If you think about someone to lose in the competition then that is wrong. You can also think about to win yourself; not to think about to lose your competitor. Think about your win and think about others lose are two different things. 

Now you think about your whole day which you thought on the peoples, also think about your behavior and gossip during the whole day. For example that person has not rights to say about me or behave on me like this or like that and blah…blah…blah...

I want to say this is so ridicules thing which you're thought about that person. In fact this kind of thinking is defiantly not beneficial for you and obviously not for your happy moments of your life.

Sometimes it happens in our life and we thinks that it rewind some stages to live it again in the right way but remember dear …… :)  Every human being will live every that moment same as he living in present. Because nothing happens to change but everything happens to live with every moment of your life. It depends on you how to face it and live it. So Feel Good... Live your Life… Enjoy your Life..