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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Live Your Day With Happy Moments Of Life

Our some work and some things which are the part of our living life make us happy in our critical situations of our life. Some small things which we have lives every moment of our life their all things makes you happy. Sometimes we found it for some moment of our whole day. You could have every moment and every second makes your life happy life or unhappy. So, we should always try to make happy of our every seconds and every day. Your life becomes happy only because of your thoughts. It’s not possible to be happy all time because the life has many colors of life and many ups and downs. So we have to try to create more and more happy moments oppose the down situations of our life. We would also to be happy in our critical situations by getting some things of our routine activities. Here are some tips to get happy time of your day. Remember, the life is accumulation of every day which we live by every second.

Listen Soft Music:

 Sing Songs:

Eat Chocolate:

Take Shower Instead Of Bath:

Read Good Books:

Write Book Or Any Article About Some Good Topic:

Clean Up Your Room:


Take Water Instead Of Soft Drink:

If you have two choices from soft drink and water then definitely you should choose water. The water is very useful for our health so please prefer the water instead of soft cold drinks. If possible prefer room temperature water.

Drink More Water:

Clean Up Your Vehicle: 

Make New Friends:

Attend Social Function:

Meet New People:


Keep Gardening:


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

HyperReflexia : Don't Ignore.. Live Happy Life

Some peoples can catch up very easily reflect of any object of thing in sports. They have very sharp mind to think sharply and they can think very fast in sports. Every individual has not this kind of hyper reflex. Yes, this is called “hyperreflexia “which is one kind of disease in medical science.

One of the more common causes for hyperreflexia is damage to the spinal cord. This damage may be some types of nonstop accidents in our life or have taken place during any failed surgery. In this disease sometimes the person may hyper to reflect in his behavior and sometimes he may get partially weaken because of the overactive reflexes.

If you have normal head pain or normal weakness everyday in your body then bewares of yourselves   and please appoint to your doctor at least one time. Please note one thing that sometimes the normal headache is beginning of a big disease which is called “migraine”. Migraine is extremely painful headache which is feel you very ill.

We are discussing about Hyperreflexia ...  The person who has hyperreflexia disease should to meditate himself. The meditation is a symptom of a good medicine for the person. Hyperreflexia persons can not meditate themselves in such normal routine activities of their life and that’s why the meditation is the best way to decrease hyperreflexia.

In some cases the “hyperreflexia” is  form of naturally but in some cases this is build in our body because of hypertension, use of illicit tonic drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines, because of a form of brain bleeding and also create through side effect of medication. This information is provided to peoples who have this kind of disease. This kind of peoples should move their life in right way with happy moments of life with peaceful situation. A person with indications of autonomic hyperreflexia should sit up and raise their head and remove tight clothing. Generally this disease symptoms in kid’s body to easily so I request to all parents to take care of their Children. If any child would weak in routine and normal activities and looking ill from their body then please beware for your kids and appoint to good doctor for body check up.

Health is most important thing to live life happily. We have a lot of money to enjoy life but have not well health then we’ll never enjoy the life by those money. For better health please eat good nutrition and be happy from your heart. Be safe… Be Happy…  Live Happy.. :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bridge of Success and Meaningful Life

Education is the light of your life. The human being chooses the way of life with his/her thoughts. Every living organism has way of life and they live, but they can choose right and light way only through the education. It makes aware of surrounding the rules and regulation of society.  It makes high valuation in society.  Do you want the bright career and happy life? I know, you will say “yes”, because everyone wants happy life. For happy and meaningful life the education is most important thing. To be educated is being able to build your own decision and able to give your own opinion about things. A good education also gives structure and instructs us valuable work and time management lifestyle. 

You should be educated in present world, because now the day starts with technologies and lots of thoughts of professions and also end the day with these thoughts. The reason is that in present world peoples are getting to be career oriented. Education helps you to understand yourself and to know your quality and potential value as human being. It helps for stability of any financial thing in your life. You would not have any financial problems and critics in your life and also not need any monetary support from any person. 

Education also helps to grow up to yourself. You can make your profile and profession at high altitude, develop yourself and improve your knowledge. Education is a bridge of your critical situations. When you would have to face some problems in your life, then the education become the bridge which can helps you to walk on smooth pave of your life.

Education provides direction to our thoughts. Success is more than just gathering of material prosperity.  Success is not a destination but a never ending journey in self exploration. In this case I want say that success is turning point of our sad life and success is second name of education. Be educated, be happy and live bright life with happy moments of life.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Life: Troubleshooting Techniques

We are facing lots of problems in our daily routine life. If human being face their problems with the smiling face then the problems could not act big impact to our mind and life because living organism is one and only object who can smile and express their opinion and feeling. The great Osho always says that you do only your work; don’t cross others world without their permission. If all peoples will handle their own work and responsibilities then no one has complain of others. 

These all are not topic of mine.  My topic is that how you solve your problems of your life. How will you solve your problems and what to do for minimum impact of the problems? I am write some tips which is useful to face your problems, how to live happy life and for mind recovery.

1.       Face Peoples: Your problems could not solve automatically, for this you have to get up and wake up. Yes, I want to remember the great line of Swami Vivekananda: “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”  Your problem is whatever but if you connect with peoples then you will get the solution of your problem. If you are alone then no problem, just close your eyes and remind the happy moments of life. These happy moments are heal your heart and suggest your future path. Second thing is that if you face the peoples then you can get the creation of new Ideas and also get the solution and also you get presence of mind. You will get update and your mind is also does workable, you fell freshness, can increase your self-confidence and you will make new friends of your life. You can live life happily.

2.    Know weak points: If your problem is a person or related to any person or the person who can solve your problem then you could know the weak points of that person. For example, Brother and Sister fight for TV remote and sister is order to the brother, if you could clean your bedroom then I will give you the remote. He could never clean his bedroom and this was his weak point and the sister knows that.  So main point is that you could find the weak point of the person for agree with you.  You could recognize this trick to solve your problem. Be Happy and live happy life.